NYE Guide- What to wear

3,2,1… Happy New Year!!!

In only a couple days it will be New Years Eve- the holiday where some drink enough to forget the previous 365 days, some set life-changing goals and others go to bed at 10:00pm because let’s face it, it’s just another day.

In your 20s NYE is a big holiday. If you’re like me New Years is the last chance to go out with your friends before returning to uni.

For my ladies who know it wouldn’t be New Years if you weren’t dancing the night away with your friends while wearing as many sequins as socially acceptable these outfits are for you. Whether you’re hosting a House Party or going to your favourite spot with the ladies your NYE will include champagne, shots and sparkles!

1. House Party

Now that I am in my fifth year of university I personally find that I don’t enjoy going out to clubs as much as I used to, recently I would much rather go to a party with my close friends. Spending the night dancing away in a living room instead of on a dance floor. 

But let’s face it dressing for house parties is one word- stressful! We all do the quick “What are you gonna wear?!” or “Send me a photo!” to our girl gang before going out! 

I think the best thing to do for your NYE house party outfit is stay cute & casual but add some NYE flare. 

 2. Clubbing

In my first three years of university clubbing was the only option for NYE. It was always so much fun to get together with your friends, get dolled up to the nines and hit up your favourite bar!

My favourite thing about the clubs is you can really get away with wearing anything. You will run into every type of girl out- from  uber casual to formal wear. I personally say have fun with it and dress it up.

Your 20s lack glam, so why not pretend to live like Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen for a night and dress to kill.

 3. Date Night

Finally, for our ladies with a special someone. In your 20s dating on New Years can be a blast.

The last two years this has been me, I have been bringing in the New Year with my boyfriend Nicholas. Sometimes it is going out together but sometimes we just stay in. No matter what I am doing though I still find it is fun to get a little dolled up for the night.

I like my date night outfits to be a little bit less over the top, finding the happy medium between comfy and classy- because lets face it not all date nights can you get away with being a little extra.
If your partner is taking you to dinner or a fun night out these outfits will show them a little sexy sass to spark your new year.

Until next time

– Jill

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