6 Reasons to Travel in Your 20’s

1.You have the time:

Let’s face it, in your 20s the responsibilities that you have are low. You can afford to be selfish. If you’re in University or College this is even easier because after struggling through two semesters of hell you are given a four month break to do anything you want.

So, take advantage of this time. Every year that I have been in University ( 5 years now) I have gone on a trip at some point.

I make sure to do these trips, even if they hurt my bank account because I have the time. It’s easy to take some time off work or start my summer job a bit later. When I am no longer 20 and have a career or family I will lose this time for myself. So why not use it now to see the world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2.You can afford to (kinda):

I know what you’re thinking. You have absolutely no money in your 20s and your focus is on all the loans you need to start paying back (I feel you!). But, you have little or no financial restrictions in your 20s. Yes money is tight, but you do not have the financial obligations that you will face in your later years, like a mortgage.

Travelling in your 20s will cost money, there is no doubt about that, but it will cost a lot less than you think! When your 20 you’re still willing to stay in hostels and will cheap out on dinner- this makes your traveling costs a lot cheaper!

So yes, travelling in your 20s seems crazy because you’re broke. But, you’re at an age where travelling on a budget is still fun and you have few financial responsibilities to worry about.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

3.You’ll meet amazing people:

This is huge. Whether you decide to do a solo backpacking trip or travel with some friends you’re always going to run into new people along the way. Since all 20 something year olds are bouncing hostel to hostel and seeking affordable travel options you will run into each other! Every hostel I stayed in when I went to Europe had young travellers from all over the world.

When travelling in your 20s you are guaranteed to make plenty of new friends from all around the world that you will keep in touch with for years to follow!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

4.You might not be as fun when you’re 30

Okay, relax. I do not mean when you hit 30 you’re all of a sudden boring. But, when your 20 you are open to new adventures and opportunities. This is why travelling in your 20s is a blast! You’re excited to experience life. Maybe you’ll be more likely to say yes to sea-doing through the ocean in Mexico, or zip-lining through the rainforest. These adventurous experiences are what will make your trip.

Now this also applies to the non-thrill seeking bunch.

The photo below is me and my friend at the top of the Duomo after climbing 463 steps to overlook to most stunning view of Florence. I am absolutely terrified of heights, making that a pretty scary walk up. I think if I went on this trip when I was older I may have let my fears get in the way, and missed out on the amazing view.

So take advantage of your crazy 20 year old brain– travel and go on that new adventure.

The top of the Duomo, Florence, Italy

5. You’ll see some of the most amazing places

This one is pretty self explanatory. When you travel you see new, beautiful places.

Thanks to Google we can see almost every square inch of the Earth. This often makes us think we have already seen the beauty of these places. But the feeling of being there in person, is overwhelmingly different. It is especially amazing when you are sharing the view with someone you love.

Wherever you chose to travel to you will experience new cultures and visit amazing places that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

6. You’ll find yourself

Cheesy, I know. But honestly, this is why you need to travel when you’re young. The combination of everything above- meeting new people, seeing new cultures, and stepping outside of your comfort zone, puts life into perspective. I cannot write about this feeling, because it’s different for everyone.

But that moment below– watching the sunset over Florence while sharing a bottle of wine with my best friend was, and still is one of the most blissful feelings in my life.

Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Travel in Your 20’s

  1. I love this. People often ask me how I afford to travel or make time. I make it work because I don’t have anything tying me down or serious expenses. Now’s the time to do it! I have my 30’s to get my life in order lol

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