Meet Nick (Boyfriend Tag)

Yaaaay! Another boyfriend tag, how original and just want you wanted to see…

I know. Boyfriend/ girlfriend tags are done a lot and I am getting on this bandwagon a little bit late. But I personally find these interesting to read, it’s a break from my voice and a different perspective from someone close to me. And honestly, if I am going to be sharing my life stories my boyfriend, Nick, is a huge part of that.

So, meet Nick!

Just a corny photo

Okay, for those of you that have not seen a boyfriend tag before this is how it works: I am going to ask Nick a series of questions about me and our relationship (interview style), Nick will give his answer and I will give the correct answer (haha) and we will see how many he gets correct!

Q: How and when did we meet?

Nick: About this time two years ago. I knew about you through a friend that was seeing you at the time. Eventually, we met out at a local bar in Calgary and hit it off!

Jill: This true (yaaaay nick) I knew of Nick through one of his friends, but when that didn’t work out I went onto Tinder, as all single ladies do to find love. Nick and I matched on there and like he said we met out one night at a bar.

Q. Where was out first date?

Nick: I took Jill on a romantic night of axe throwing, followed by ice cream. (I discovered Jill’s sweet tooth that night)

Jill: Yeah we went axe throwing, and I won! I forgot about the ice cream but now I remember Nick was super weirded out that I wanted ice cream in the middle of freezing cold Canadian Winter

Q: What do you think is my weirdest behaviour?

Nick: There was one time we were just hanging out and Jill started crying. When I asked her what was wrong there was nothing, she just said: “sometimes I just cry”.

Jill: Yeah…. I’m pretty emotional. What can I say us Pisces…Q

Q: What is your favourite thing about me, or my best quality?

Nick: Butt. No, but that’s funny. It is how motivated and smart you are. It pushes me to be better.

Jill: Good answer!

Q: If I am binge watching TV what show is it?

Nick: Greys Anatomy, The Office or The OC

Jill: Okay yes! Three out of three correct there. My all-time favourite out of those is the OC because I want to marry Ryan Atwood (shhh, don’t tell Nick)

Q: When did you first meet my parents?

Nick: I met them at separate times. Lori (Jill’s mom) is going to kill me because it is probably wrong but I believe she came up to visit Jill one time and we played Monopoly. Jill’s dad came up for dinner another night and he was very intimidating.

Jill: My mom is also going to kill me cause I have no idea, that’s why I asked this question! But I think Nick might be right about it. And yes Nick is still (2 years later) terrified of my dad

Q: What song reminds you of me?

Nick: There is a few but the main one would be. “And Then Some” by the Arkells. Because it was the first time I actually started falling in love with her.

Jill: Aweeee. I’m just gonna embrace this, because Nick is never cute

Q: Describe me in three words?

Nick: Blonde ,Beautiful, Bitchin

Jill: Accurate. 😉

Q: What is my dream job?

Nick: It changes on a monthly basis. It started as a lawyer, over the course of time it has moved to a politician, figure skater, grocery worker (haha), stripper, and for the current month, we have: teacher.

Jill: Yeah I am pretty indecisive. But no worry mom, I could never be a stripper because I’d have to stay up past 10pm. And you don’t make money on the mid-day shift

Q: Where is somewhere I would love to travel to?

Nick: Disney Land, Disney World, Disney Paris and Northern Alberta

Jill: I don’t even know what to say. That’s embarrassing. But hey, I love Disney.

Q: Whats my best talent?

Nick: Uhhhh, you’re very pretty… But skating is one and you always talk about your horseback riding days but we have yet to go.

Jill: Okay this is exposing. But yeah, I am not what they would call a women of many talents I guess…

Q: What is my guilty pleasure?

Nick: Chocolate and anything sugar based. And Nacho cheese!

Jill: This is why my diet is NOT going well.Q

Q: Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Nick: I do, of course

Jill: Yeah he does. It sucks, and its one of those things that I thought would change overtime… but nope… here we are.

Q: What drink do we order if we go out?

Nick: Rum and coke, hold the rum.

Jill: Coke is better than Pepsi everyone, just saying.

Q: What is something that people dont know about me:

Nick: You can’t keep a beat and tone deaf. It doesn’t help that she can’t hear out of one ear! Probably why you like shitty music.

Jill: Yes, this is true. And sorry Ariana…

Until next time,


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