Early Morning Thoughts: Losing Friends

Hello lovelies, sit down, grab some coffee & let’s chat.

This morning I wanted to talk about something that every girl in her 20s has been through.

Losing friends.

In your 20s you will move away from home, leave high school and meet amazing new people. I think we all enter into University with the idea that the friends we make here will be our best friends forever- we will go through the next four years together or maybe even be at each other’s weddings.

But the next day, that’s gone.

And you know what, it’s fine.

In your 20s you’re changing- encountering many new life experiences that will grow who you are as a person. Sometimes this means you’re outgrowing your friends. And that’s okay.

My advice: let it happen. Do not beat yourself up, and do not accept the negativity you might feel. You will find new friends that are right for you- right now.

The best way to have a happy and positive life is to surround yourself with people that bring happiness and positivity into your life.

The greatest thing I have ever done for myself was leaving friends that were creating more negativity than good, and that’s okay to realize without feeling like a bad person.

Thank you to a few of the most amazing people I know.

Remember, love yourself and always be selfish when it comes to your happiness.

Until next time,


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