5 Things I’ve Learned in my 20s:

Happy Monday loves! This week is the second last week of University classes before finally graduating! When I was thinking about this I realized in the past 5 years of living on my own and being in University I have learned a lot through trial and error.

Here are a few key things I have learned in my 20s.

1.Plans change… constantly:

Do not bother to write out a long plan on where your life will take you, it’s going to change and it should! In your 20s many unexpected opportunities and life changes will come your way, try to embrace these and let go of your set plans.

2.Go places & do things, but don’t always post it:

This one has taken me a while to learn. I remember a couple years ago when Instagram photos dictated my life- the cafes I went to, or places I visited were centered around the aesthetic photos I would get to post. Which is ridiculous. Let go of this. Go places, and enjoy them- do not spend 95% of your time trying to get the perfect photo.

3.Leases can really complicate life:

Renting a house, moving in with your best friends, living without parents all sounds great right! Well, that’s what I thought. But, leasing has created so many complications in the past 5 years of my life. Drama with friends, people moving out, boyfriends moving in- so many challenges I did not think about. Before you jump into moving in with your best friends and sign a year-long contract make sure, you’re ready because you might be stuck.

4.Even if you know he wasn’t the one it’s going to hurt- a lot:

This might apply to your relationship or one of your friends. But even when you are 100% certain that he is not the guy, and know that you deserve to be treated better it is always easier said than done. Just like we all take relationships at our own pace we need to take breakups at our own pace. So stay confident in what you want and what you deserve, but take the time you need to let go and move on.

5.Excerise for your mental health, not to look like a model:

Working out is great! Personally, it is the only way that I can manage the stress and anxiety of University. But sometimes working out can do more bad than good. Often we put too much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, or to fit into a pair of jeans that are just too tight! Setting unrealistic goals in a short amount of time or constantly looking at that Instagram model’s body that you just wish you had is not why you should be working out. Workout for yourself, work out to stay healthy and happy.

Until next time,


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