Business Casual in your 20s

Today I have some outfit inspo for my business ladies out there!

When I first started my job in an office I was 20 years old, and my closet was full of ripped jeans and crop tops. Needless to say, I was in a panic.

I was so lost on what to wear and even where to shop. Every outfit I found was either too casual or made me look like I was 10 years older than I actually was.

And now nearly three years later I am here to share one of my favourite go-to business casual outfit (especially for the cold winter weather).

I love this outfit because it is so simple. The color palette makes it great for any event, the shape is flattering on most body types and the pants literally feel like pajamas! This outfit is amazing because the pieces are all things that most of us already have in our closet. There is no need to go out and break your bank, just piece together a couple simple fashion essential!

Fashion Tip: Dress up the look by swapping the cardigan out with a blazer!

Shop this look:

I hope this gave you some fashion inspiration, comment down below what other fashion posts you would like to see next!

Until next time,


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