She’s Done: Educated and Loving Life

Hey loves, 

OMG I know what you’re thinking- “girl get your life back together and start blogging”. Yeah well same thoughts here!.

As I have mentioned in the last two blogs of mine I HAVE GRADUATED. It has taken me forever to get this blog post up because I decided to throw two grad parties, then immediately after my grad (literally the day after) I moved into a new wonderful apartment- Stay tuned for apartment tour. 🙂 Oh yeah and I also lost my laptop in the move for a hot minute. 

But I am back and now two degrees hotter 😉


The Hometown Celebration:

The weekend before my graduation in Calgary, my best friend Nicole, my boyfriend Nicholas and I took a little two hour road trip back to my hometown the lovely Crowsnest Pass. I wanted to host a fun celebration party in my hometown to celebrate with the many people that have supported me my entire life. My mom rented out a little hall in downtown Coleman, made some sangria and we had a cute little potluck! 

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Walking that Stage:

The day of my actual grad was so crazy! First, I had an overwhelming, fear that I somehow registered for my grad wrong and would show up to get my cap and gown and they would be like “uhm, who are you?”. But once that crisis was averted everything ran very smoothly. 

Shout out to the University of Calgary for actually being organized!

So, a cap and gown ceremony to most people graduating from university is probably not to special and most that go are their reluctantly because their parents forced them to go. This for me was not the case. I grew up in a little hick town, in Southern Alberta where cap and gown was no a thing- insert photos of me and my besties looking like babies in our princess gowns!

Because the cap and gown ceremony was new to me, it was so exciting! Not only did I feel incredibly proud of my achievement it also made it feel very official, and real. Walking into the ceremony and seeing the stands filled, scanning quickly for my family and boyfriend was hands down the happiest I have ever been in my 5 years of university. 

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Writing this post now, nearly  a month after my convocation date I still feel an overwhelming amount of bliss and happiness.

University is a long time, full of moments of crazy anxiety and stress but also moments of laughter, new experiences and friendships. Convocation day is a date to reflect on all the highs and lows, the good and bad and celebrate all that you have accomplished. So if you’re on the fence about your convocation ceremony just go. It is a two hour celebration, but very worth it.

And, if nothing else you’ll get some amazing photos with some of your best friends and family 🙂

Until next time, 



2 thoughts on “She’s Done: Educated and Loving Life

  1. Hey! Congrats on graduating. That’s a huge and wonderful accomplishment. Sorry to hear about your laptop but congrats too on your apartment. Whoa! Big changes are happening for you! Just recently graduated from college too. Very emotional, but rewarding experience.

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